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Autumn 2020

Autumn in Manly... an almost daily array of light shows at morning and eve.  The colours and contrast seem to be superior in both aesthetics and frequency to almost every other time of year.    Those season changing storms have now hit so looking forward to some light shows of a different kind...  Manly Beach at Dusk... ...and Dawn  The Manly Ferry departing at Sunset  Bower St pool Post dusk ferries en route to Circular quay More sunrise surf action at Manly Beach  Manly beach pano Soft evening light   Paddle boarder at Little Manly point 

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L I G H T - S E E K E R S

[The shooting of Land & Seascapes]. The glorious 'Golden Hour' of morning or evening, is, it is generally accepted, the time leading up to, during or after either sunrise or sunset.   So called as this is traditionally the best light in which to shoot land and seascapes especially, as the rich amber hue of the advancing or retreating sun is soft yet warming, reflecting upon and able to transform those photographer friendly high clouds into a dream like watercolour.    In reality this is more like an ever-changing forty minutes or so... but who's counting.   So much in photography rests upon the light.  Both the daylight or lack of it, but also the amount which is mechanically allowed to hit the camera sensor.   The...

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