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L I G H T - S E E K E R S

[The shooting of Land & Seascapes]. The glorious 'Golden Hour' of morning or evening, is, it is generally accepted, the time leading up to, during or after either sunrise or sunset.   So called as this is traditionally the best light in which to shoot land and seascapes especially, as the rich amber hue of the advancing or retreating sun is soft yet warming, reflecting upon and able to transform those photographer friendly high clouds into a dream like watercolour.    In reality this is more like an ever-changing forty minutes or so... but who's counting.   So much in photography rests upon the light.  Both the daylight or lack of it, but also the amount which is mechanically allowed to hit the camera sensor.   The...

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2.6.2018 - Sydney Swell   30.5.2018 - Lightning storm off Manly beach   28.5.2018 - Sunset rock, Manly   10.5.2018 - Blue Mountains, NSW A last minute decision to venture west at 4am, spurred on by some incredible images circulating of the previous days back burning on Mount Solitude.   Was a gamble that ultimately didn't pay off unfortunately as I was a day late for the main show.  Some pleasing images however from both Lincoln's rock lookout plus Breenhold gardens and Mount Wilson in Autumn colour.       8.5.2018 - Manly Amazing sunrise this morning.  Forecast as such and all the early signs were great.  Then looked as though it wouldn't materialise - only to do so in quick and...

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