2.6.2018 - Sydney Swell


30.5.2018 - Lightning storm off Manly beach


28.5.2018 - Sunset rock, Manly


10.5.2018 - Blue Mountains, NSW

A last minute decision to venture west at 4am, spurred on by some incredible images circulating of the previous days back burning on Mount Solitude.   Was a gamble that ultimately didn't pay off unfortunately as I was a day late for the main show.  Some pleasing images however from both Lincoln's rock lookout plus Breenhold gardens and Mount Wilson in Autumn colour.  



8.5.2018 - Manly

Amazing sunrise this morning.  Forecast as such and all the early signs were great.  Then looked as though it wouldn't materialise - only to do so in quick and firey fashion.  Love the Autumn light..

The 0630 bold and beautiful swim couldn't have been timed any better - swimmers at 'the point' just as the sun was cresting on the horizon.   I had been finishing off down at the tidal pool so didn't quite catch them until they had set off...


4.5.2018 - Bold & Beautiful Swim, Manly, NSW.

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