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Wine No.2 - Bolney Estate, West Sussex - ‘Dark Harvest’ Rondo / Dornfelder 2018 - £11.99 (Waitrose).

Went to school with a girl called Dawn Felder, think she was a bit misunderstood.  Rondo sounds like your mullet clad Aussie mate who none of your normal mates want anything to do with, after that night he kidnapped an Alpaca.  

Fast forward a few years and Dorn and Rondo’s offspring is this brilliantly accesible and interesting Sussex red.  And in the words of my mate Scarecrow from Donny: ‘it’s defintely a red.’  A full bodied red drinkers lighter bodied red, so to speak.

I love the rich, rustic, brooding dark fruit, caramel and soft smoke and subtle tannins.  This is a super interesting wine, which I like, because wine is super interesting.  Would highly recommend chucking fruits of this dark harvest labour in the decanter for a coupla hours breathing time.  Or if there’s no decanter to hand, jug, bucket, watering can... there’s bound to be something lying around the old barn at Dorn and Rondo’s farm.  

Then sit back by the outside fire, plan the next themed mini festival and enjoy this one with those two, never a dull night.

Eddy @UKwinereviews - Nov '20


Wine No.1 - Sixteen Ridges, Worcestershire - 'English Nouveau - Pinot Noir Early’ 2020 - £11.99 Waitrose... (sold out apparently) 

Ahhhh Beaujolais Nouveau day, a bit like The Italian Job of wine marketing... your parents would race to Beaujolais and back on the Third Thursday of every November.  First back with the earliest released wine of that season wins...

A bit like Micheal Caine himself, you don’t hear much about it these days.  Until perhaps now.  And you won’t need a travel excemption for this essential journey. You could do a lot worse than spin over to @sixteenridges (or Waitrose) and fill up your Mini’s exaclty 88 horizontal-bottle boot capacity (true story) with the utterly delicious ‘English Nouveau’ by @sixteenridges.  

Just like the label, this wine is sleak, stylish, pretty, fun and very enjoyable... if only all labels were such a good indication of what lays within and if only all wines were all of those things.  Shame we cant borrow the southrn hempishpere’s climate for a day because this is all of the bright joys of spring. Or think slightly chilled on a glorous English sumemrs day... I can sort of imagine it was this wine that was in that Lucozade bottle that Gazza ‘dentist chaired’ after scoring that goal against Scotland in Euo 96.  

Glorious ruby red in colour, damsons, sloes and red currants dance around the may pole, it is light and short and won’t last long, in a very good way.  Can’t wait for next year!

Eddy @UKWineReviews Nov '20


Introducing: UK Wine Tours
The most exhaustive guide to the UK wine scene there is  

Delighted to have agreed a book deal, exploring and sharing the quality, variety and potential of UK wineries and the world class wines within.  

You can follow my progress on Instagram here: @UKwinereviews

I am amazed by the supermarket driven disconnect we have with produce here in the UK and elsewhere.  Frozen raspberries from Chile, Sweet Potatoes from the US or Morocco.  Really?  Of course wine is imported from all corners and whilst ocean freight is arguably easier on the enviroment than flying in a box of avocados from Mexico, with so much quality produce on our doorstep, why not explore, champion and share it?  

Especially given the fact the UK has for sometime now, been producing world class wines that are constantly out performing wines from 'more reputable' regions on the international stage.  As a result of the global climate crisis, we are entering our optimum production window for UK wines right now, so that quality is only likely to increase.  

There is something so special about drinking a wine amongst the vines on which the producing fruit grew.  Procuring produce from the source and having a great time in doing so.  This is an opportunity that when it comes to wine, all of us in the UK have much closer to home than is widely understood.  

The desire therefore, to champion the amazing wines that are being produced in the UK right now, as well as the cellar door experiences and winemaker stories to go with, is a hugely exciting one.  Eddy @UKwinereviews - Nov '20


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