Was and still is, inspired by good times, in good places, with good people.  And to a great soundtrack... 
I hope you like the images here!  Their creation has brought me a great deal of pleasure, so I hope that this is in someway replicated in the viewing of them.
Cheers, Ed

Hello.  My name's Ed but also Charles and some people call me Eddy.  Sometimes other names.  I'm a Northern Beaches based, land & Seascape, Wildlife, Portrait and experience photographer.  Passionately championing family winemaking in NSW as a career, but equally passionate about wine outside of work, alongside food, travel, being physical in and around the ocean, live music and sharing these good times, with good people, in good places. 

Creativity in any form inspires me to chase the point of difference in photography, as do the many wonderfully creative people I've met along the way, to whom I'll be forever grateful. 

In 2016 I was lucky to be involved in a collaboration project called Word of Mouth NSW - a sort of 'off the beaten track' photography travel book, featuring experiences around the state.  This was such a fascinating project for several reasons.  

In the build up to it's release, I contributed to the following interview...


What inspired you to start:

I love travelling, visiting different places, meeting people and living new experiences.  I’ve struggled with academia but always loved being creative and seeing creativity in any form.  I wanted to document the new and interesting places I began travelling around more extensively since leaving university, as a personal collection but also to share with others.  Photography provides an incredible platform whereby the opportunity to be creative is limitless and varied, underpinned by a scientific approach to structure, theoretical process, knowledge, experience and understanding.  Blending these opposite facets of photography is ever a challenging, interesting and rewarding experience.  As is the post-production, with a beer and tunes, or discussion with friends or strangers about places, people and tales of travel.  Everyone’s opinion creatively and otherwise is valued.  Whoever you are, at whatever stage of your photography journey, there is always more to learn, more to shoot and more ways to capture moments – whichever way your own creativity desires.


Journey to get to where you are:

Leaving university and having a (very small) bit of disposable income, as well as slightly changed values, meant I was able to travel more than I had done in the past.  I got a little compact camera, a Lumix (TZ-7 – great piece of kit!) quite cheaply and spent a lot of time in Italy, especially.  Land & Seascapes were my first passion and Italy is a place with opportunities to shoot this genre in absolute abundance.  I also got more into post-production, an integral tool of vast importance.  Black and white images and their relationship with contrast especially captivated me – as did seascape sunsets.  Moving to Australia in 2012 had the same effect, residing in such a photogenic part of the world, but living on the eastern seaboard meant the sunsets became sunrises.  And I loved all of those times in between the sunrise and sunset… those were the days. 

 Asia also has a huge effect on me every time I visit.  In India and Myanmar I developed a huge passion for portraiture through the desire to do what I’ve always wanted to do, capture moments, places, experiences and cultures that are different to what I know or where I grew up, to document for myself and to share with others. 


Favourite NSW weekend away adventure: 

Kangaroo Valley Canoe camping trek, with mates, wildlife, rural NSW, great campsite cooking, wine and good times. 


Top 5 activities to do in Sydney/NSW:

    • Northern beaches sunrise shoots 
    • Paddle boarding with dolphins 
    • Midweek Sydney comedy showcase sets
    • Hunter Valley trips and/or any impromptu wine tasting: I will find you 
    • Ocean Extreme Whale watching tours with Blake  


Advice for others starting up:.  

Get involved and be lucky.  Chase, whilst respecting, the sun (rise) and take every opportunity.  Be a total perfectionist and listen to every opinion.  10 shoots that don’t materialise the way you’d like are worth it for the one frame that does.  If you never go, you never know. 

Plan for next 12 months

Just keep getting better.   More sunrises.  More places.  More creativity. Continue drinking wine, growing beard and eating lasagne.