| L  a n d  &  S e a s c a p e s |

Halcyon [Adj.]

  1. calm; peaceful; tranquil:  halcyon weather
  2. rich; wealthy; prosperous:  halcyon times of peace
  3. happy; joyful; carefree:  halcyon days of youth 

Land & Seascapes, the fire that won't go out...  For me personally, such a rewarding method of relaxation; setting up and shooting up new or old views and locations, it can be an almost meditative sense of unburdening.  At it's most effective, combining tranquillity and timing with concentration, creativity, technical approach and learning; a genre with an ever changing canvas and contrasting ways to see it.  

Travelling and witnessing stunning new vistas around Italy in the summer of 2009 first really motivated me to want to share these experiences and sights with others, elsewhere.   And ultimately to take with me, that view, that scene, that moment.

There can be no more readily produced and strikingly successful way of capturing said moment, than via the medium of photography and the single frame image.

I do think however, that photography can never truly, exhaustively do it justice.  Encompassing the sights, smells and sounds, the company - or isolation - or the context of a particular scene. 

But through photography we can strive to recreate, as close to our minds image, as creatively, aesthetically pleasingly as possible, that split second, that dream like state, that moment.. the Halcyon Daze.

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These are some of my favourite Land & Seascape images from the last few years, thanks for looking.
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North Curl Curl tidal, NSW.

Great Ocean Rd.  Vic.

Castle Stalker, Scottish West Highlands. 

Sea cliff bridge, Scarborough, NSW.

Australian Crawl: The Manly Ferry

 Autumn fire, Manly Beach. 

Fairlight tidal pool, NSW.


South Steyne Sunset, Manly beach. 
That Wanaka Tree, Otago, NZ.
Wave Hoarding, Manly Beach.
The Turning Point.  Glenfinnan viaduct, Scotland.
Aoraki sunset, Canterbury NZ.
Reflections of Mandalay.  Irrawaddy River, Myanmar.

Clahaig Falls.  Glencoe, Scotland.

Rainbow abstract, Manly Beach.


Bower Street tidal pool, Manly.

Winter on the Great Ocean Road, Vic.

Elinor trout fishery.  Northamptonshire, UK.

Lewis and Harris.  Scottish West Islands.  

Charge of the Light Brigade.  Great Ocean Rd, Vic.

SS Ayrfield.  Homebush Bay, NSW.

Fire in the morning.  Freshwater, NSW.

Ocean Wanderer.  Manly, NSW.

Board Meeting.  Manly, NSW.

Island Archway.  Great Ocean Rd.  Vic.

Seal Rocks, NSW.

Training for Taupo.  Manly, NSW.

Eagle hawk neck, Tassie.  

Fisherman's Beach, NSW.

Easy like Whitsunday.  QLD.

South Curly.  NSW.

Mount Wellington.  Tassie.

The Dingly Dell.  Tassie.

Manly Beach pano

Scottish Islands.

Late summer surf.  Seal Rocks, NSW.

Gracedale Cattle Station.  Nth QLD.

North Curly.  NSW.

Balgowlah, NSW.

South Curly Swell.  NSW.

That light.. Manly Beach

Manly beach.  NSW.

Seal Rocks.  NSW.