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Introducing: UK Wine Tours the book

The most comprehensive guide to the UK wine scene there is

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I’ve worked in wine my entire professional life.  From Hertfordshire to the Hunter Valley, wine never ceases to amaze and excite me in equal measure. 
Returning from eight years on the Golden Isle of Australia in 2020, there really is no place like home...  In wine terms that is, because there is no more exciting place in the world right now, than the vineyards and wineries of the UK.
So, it is with great pleasure that I’ve agreed a publishing deal, to write and create imagery exploring the quality, variety, potential and stories of these five-hundred or so UK wineries.   As well as their winemakers, grape growers, the Cellar Door experiences on offer and most importantly of all, the world class wines themselves... 
This will be the most exhaustive guide to the UK wine scene there is.   
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In 2018, the UK produced 13.2 million bottles of wine.  In 2019 we drank on average 108 bottles of wine per UK head!
As a result of the climate crisis...
...In the Barossa Valley: the annual grape harvest now takes place a full calendar month earlier than it did only twenty years ago.
...In Bordeaux: trials of ‘new’ grapes are ongoing, with a view that in thirty years time it will be too hot for the currently permitted varietals.
...In Champagne: it is widely considered too hot to effectively mature grapes just to the point of ripenss, as is required in quality sparkling wine production... so much so that major Champagne Houses have been buying up land further North, in southern England.
...In the UK: it is now warm enough to ripen quality grapes such as ‘The Champagne three’: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.   Furthermore, it is expected that at the current rate, the single best place in the UK to produce a fresh white wine in 2080 will be... the banks of the Loch Ness, Scotland.

As a result of the global crisis, in wine production terms we are very much entering our optimum window in the UK right now.   The award winning wines coming out of this country are therefore only scratching the surface of what is possible.
As news spreads, competition increases and calibre continues increases further, wine tourism in the UK will go from strength to strength.  I’m hugely excited to begin the journey of sharing this story.  Via the people, places and of course, the very wines we're producing.  
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